Sunday, 26 August 2012

Explore (for Sunday Scribblings)

Travelling the mysterious lands of my mind
And crossing the unchartered oceans of my emotions
I’m facing raging storms and scary shadows in the night
I have no map and no survival kit
No house or shelter, no place to hide

Yet, I venture on with the spirit of an explorer
I know that there’s a treasure to find
Deep in that jungle of tangled emotions
Beyond the dust and dirt of wrong perceptions
Hidden amongst overgrown ruins of concepts of self


  1. Definitely a place to explore; and you are right, there are many treasures to find!

    Nicely captured.

  2. There is s certain exhilaration in doing this. Having done it or something pretty close you realize that almost anything is possible. This is inspirational.

  3. The adventure of rediscovering self... breathtaking, and yes scary! I've been there, and was amazed to rediscover what I'd long since lost to opression. An excellent journey to undertake!

  4. The inner journey you take in this piece is certainly a heroic one! Lovely piece!

  5. Yes, the journey inward is revelatory, crucial. Mine has the same theme but darker. Yours is a lovely, lively post. Amy

  6. Sometimes self-exploration only leads to more exploration than it leads to self-discovery....that's where I'm at.....great write