Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Essential (inspired by Sunday Scribblings)

I have been thinking about this prompt since Sunday now. Initially I felt very positive and inspired but the more I started thinking about the word, the less sense it seemed to make. It’s so over- and misused in our society as well. The least essential things are called essential while what’s really essential is overlooked. But what actually is really essential?
Today I got an e-mail through work from some agency that is supporting the redundancy process we are currently going through, inviting me to a workshop called “Job Search Essentials”. Yeah right, I need to find another job but is that essential? And what are they going to teach us there? How to best pretend to be the person they - whoever they are – want? Why can’t I just be myself and hope for the best? Being myself. That’s essential.
And you know what else? Breathing! Just discovered that again this morning when I sat down to meditate after a few weeks of absence from my cushion.
Life would be so much easier if we just focused on these two essentials.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

From my heart to my mind (inspired by Carry on Tuesday)

Close your eyes, have no fear
I’m with you my dear
I’m the voice of the heart
And the truth that you hear

Beware of the doubters
They’re always near
They’re trying to stop you
They whisper in your ear
They make everything cloudy
That seemed to be clear

It’s only you and me
Who decide in here

Envision (inspired by Writer's Island)

Call me the queen
Of big dreams and ambitions
I have more ideas
Than you could envision
I’m chasing them fast
Trying to juggle them all
They don’t all last
Some of them fall
By the side
Are abandoned half-way
I can’t do it all
What can I say
Too much for one lifetime
Even for me
Abandoned projects
Is all I can see
When at night I start thinking
Of all things that could be
And realise that really
It’s too much for little me

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Hungry mind (inspired by We write poems)

I savour the moments
when the colourful flavours
of new ideas
leave our tongues
marinated in words
that fill the air
with the delicious aroma
of food for thought

SOAR (Inspired by Writer's Island)

There are days
When life seems such a bore
And little things
Get right to my core
Then I dream myself away
To a beautiful shore
Or into the wild
where the lions roar
And I find myself wanting
So much more
I don't want to fly
I want to soar!