Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Colour Scheme

Colour scheme

BLUE I like best
It makes me feel calm
Enveloping and cooling
Just like a balm

RED is a strange one
Powerful and strong
But can bring you to tears
Just like an old song

GREEN is so natural
Healthy and grounded
Makes you feel like a tree
By flowers surrounded

Now YELLOW seems harsh
Bright and direct
Just like tasting lemon
It demands some respect

But WHITE is the King
Who comes to light
As a beautiful rainbow
With all colours shining bright

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Beyond hope and fear (inspired by Carry On Tuesday and Chad)

It started out as a feeling
which then grew into a hope
I didn't realise where I was heading
couldn't see the slippery slope

Experience became expectation
I found it harder and harder to cope
when things didn't go to plan
and disappointed my growing hope

The feeling, once lovely
was nowhere to be seen
instead anguish and anger
dominated the scene

The problem with hope is
She doesn't come alone
by her side walks her brother
Fear's the name by which he's known

So just stick to the feeling
Enjoy it while it lasts
Don't worry about the future
and let go of the past

If the feeling's unpleasant
just wait for it to go
Things seem to be solid
but they're always in flow

Love (inspired by Sunday Scribblings)


I am the bird
That flies freely
I cannot be caught
I am the flower
That blossoms
As a beautiful thought
I am the light
In the darkness
Of hatred and pain
I am the giver
And receiver
No loss and no gain


True Love

I want you to be happy
I want you to be free
My love’s not conditioned
By what’s in it for me
Love cannot be selfish
Nor can it be controlled
To really love truly
You have to be bold

Saturday, 25 September 2010

A whimsy (inspired by Writer's Island)

A whimsy took me
Raised me up
And carried me away
I held on to it
Tenderly, lovingly
And fed it every day
I watch it growing
Finding expression
Shape and form
And I know one day
It won’t be a whimsy
But the norm

Monday, 20 September 2010

The Nature of the Mind (inspired by Sunday Scribblings)

The Nature of the Mind

Its essence

Its qualities

It always has been
And always will be

No one would have believed (inspired by Carry on Tuesday)

No one would have believed
A hundred years ago
The many things so normal for us today
And no one believes today
That other things
May be normal for us in the future

Did you believe
You would live the life you live now?
Do you believe
In the life you want to live in the future?

It is easy to believe
In what you want to believe
The mental concepts we hold
Influence our perception
And our thoughts create our world

What do you want to believe in?

Thursday, 16 September 2010

One misty moisty morning (Inspired by Carry On Tuesday)

One misty moisty morning
I woke up from a dream
Of dolphins in blue waters
And jungles lush and green

I thought this must be special
Some deeper truth behind
A landscape so amazing
Coming from my mind

After lots and lots of thinking
And wondering all day
I came to the conclusion
There’s nothing much to say

A dream is just a dream
That much I know for sure
The ones at night are easy
The days are more obscure

How do we ever really know
If we’re awake or dreaming
It all feels real right then
Real smell, real sight, real feeling

Only after do we realise
That it was just in our mind
How do we know that NOW
is of a different kind?

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Treatment (inspired by Sunday Scribblings)

“Treat others the way you want to be treated”.
That’s sometimes easier said than done. Especially if THEY don’t treat us the way we want to be treated. We like to think that certain negative behaviours cancel out the above rule and justify an equal response. Wrong! Why? Well, first of all there’s karma to consider: somehow we created the causes for this to happen – even if we can’t remember anymore - and reacting in a negative way will only create more causes for future shit to come our way. However, this train of thought doesn’t always work – for the simple reason that we just can’t believe that we really created this situation (we just can’t remember!). Therefore I tend to argue along the lines of one of my “things” in order to look after myself and my karma: I tell myself that no one but myself controls my behaviour and that I always have a choice. If I treat someone else badly just because they treated me badly, that means I’m just reacting rather than acting - which means they are in control: they MAKE me behave that way. Now this goes completely against the grain of what I believe in (my “thing”): No one makes me do anything – so I try and choose my response and when I take the time to think I also remember karma and then I often do actually manage to rise above the petty ping pong game. I might still think “Fuck ‘em” but I don’t act it out and I don’t say it.
So still some work to do - but I am getting there ;-)

Monday, 6 September 2010

For my inner critic ;-) (Inspired by Carry On Tuesday)

You don't know about me
You have no idea
You don't know about me
Because you've never been here

Here in my shoes
In my skin
In my head
Don't know what I remember
Or wish to forget

Never felt what I feel
Never thought what I think
So how comes you keep telling me
That I'm wasting my ink?

Breakthrough (inspired by Writer's Island)


I was 10 years old when the Tschernobyl accident happened in 1986 and it had shocked me to the core. The images of the devastation it had caused and the feelings of sadness, fear and helplessness that had arisen in my young heart as a response will stay with me forever.

I was therefore over the moon when in 2002, on the 16th anniversary of this catastrophe the German government – back then made up of Labour and the Green Party – put a law in place that detailed a staged exit from nuclear power supply over a number of years. The final nuclear power station in Germany would be shut down in 2025. It was a breakthrough decision and I was elated, hoping that this would initiate a chain reaction of change towards renewable energy in other countries as well.

Today, the present government of Germany, a coalition between the Conservatives and the Liberal-Democrats bowed to the money instead and added 8-14 more years to this plan in order to allow them to keep cashing in. They threw all scientific reports out of the window that had confirmed that the plan is on target and that it would not cause a shortage of power supply.

I’m so angry. I feel cheated and thrown back.
Back behind that wall that seemed broken through and now stands back erected.

Somehow that’s characteristic of a lot of breakthroughs, in many areas of life. Often it’s not done with one breakthrough. Often you get stuck behind the next wall that you then need to break through and sometimes – like in this case – it throws you right behind the initial wall again.

But I can’t get disillusioned. Maybe I just need to change my concept of the word “breakthrough” and rather than seeing it as the “big bang” that changes everything, I need to understand that it is just one of many.

We need to keep breaking through.

My heart is with the people in Germany who will now take to the streets to fight for what’s been promised to them.

Wait (inspired by Sunday Scribblings)

Just a minute
Don’t leave just yet
Just a minute
So I won’t forget

How it feels when you hold me
And the smell of your skin
For the times when I’m lonely
And empty within

And when you return
It will be just so

As if you left
Only a moment ago

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Faith (inspired by Sunday Scribblings)

"Be faithful to that which exists nowhere but in yourself" - Andre Gide

This is one of my favourite quotes. For me it embodies two very strong beliefs I hold:
1) Be true to yourself and follow your heart.
2) Have faith in what can only be found within yourself.

From a mundane point of view, I have faith in myself. I trust that I'm equipped to deal with whatever life throws my way and that when faced with it, I will find a way to cope. Life's to be lived - and that includes everything, the good and the seemingly bad. Experiences happen to us for a reason and there's always an opportunity to grow.
But not only do I believe that I have this ability. I believe, everyone has. They might not have accessed it yet, but the potential is there.

From a more spiritual point of view, I have faith in Buddha Nature. I have faith that the true nature of my own mind and the true nature of everyone else's mind is ultimately perfect - clear and luminous - and that we can reveal this true nature and let it shine to benefit others.

There's nothing to search for outside of us. Have faith in what is inside of you and be faithful to it.
And have some faith in others too. Ultimately they're not separate from what's inside of you.