Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Gratitude (inspired by Writer's Island)

I ask myself why
When thinking about gratitude
I seem to display
A rather biased attitude
I am very grateful
For all that I like
For the things that I wanted
Like my first bike
But I’m not saying thanks
For the hardship and pain
For the tears and the dramas
The dreams pursued in vain
But have they not all
A role to play
In shaping who I am
What I think, do and say
Because sometimes I wonder
When I look back
Is all what it seems?
Is black really black?
Events that back then
Were a real disaster
Often changed things for the better
And probably much faster
Than if things would have turned out
Just as I planned
In gratitude therefore
I’m folding my hands
Saying thank you for everything
Just as it is
For all of the pain
As well as the bliss

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Antidote (inspired by Sunday Scribblings)

You’re my antidote
My reality check
My mirror image
Reflecting back

All the things I can’t see
Or don’t want to know
My faults and my flaws
You put them on show

It’s not always easy
To recognise this
More often than not
I give it a miss

Perceiving you as separate
Outside, in front of me
I confront you instead
Of the real enemy

For whatever I see
In you
Is in me

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

What a difference a day makes (for Sunday Scribblings)

Endurance and hope 
Waiting to be rescued
29 men still breathing
Despair and pain
29 men dead
Families grieving

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Peerless (inspired by Writer's Island)

There’s nothing like
The grace of a camel
Its swagger is met by none
Unfazed it sways
With lazy movements
Never rushed or hurried
Strolling along
In the effortless style
Of someone who
Just doesn’t give a shit

Driftwood (inspired by We Write Poems)

I dive into the cool embrace
Of the liquid of life
My body elated, feather light
I float on my back
Feel supported and free
Only sky above
The ocean beneath
I ride on the rhythm of its breath
Every wave a small death
Like driftwood
To be carried away
And washed up on new shores
Full of new adventures

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Winter Blues (Inspired by Carry on Tuesday)

I look out of the window
Onto a gloomy day
Windy as my mind
All in disarray
The leaves have fallen
It’s raining cats and dogs
Short days are calling
They’ve turned back the clocks
And I feel so blue
Because I don’t want it to be true