Friday, 24 June 2011

Sweet surrender

Maybe sometimes
When life comes crushing in
Flooding your shores
And overcoming your defence
It’s time to give up the struggle

And rather than drowning
In feelings of defeat
Resurface smiling

Because by finally
Being brought to your knees
And having lost all control
You are blessed with the opportunity
To experience real freedom
And the taste
Of sweet surrender

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Opportunity (for Sunday Scribblings)

It is possible
There is a chance
It is an option
It’s fate making an advance
Would you care to give me this dance?”

And are you going
To give your hand
Agree to dance
Towards an unknown end
Or turn it away
Because it wasn’t planned?

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Threshold (for Writer's Island)

Bending forward a bit
Trying to sneak a peek around the corner
One foot in the air
Hang on
Shall I?
Shall I not?

Don’t try to step across it
Fly across it!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Dictator of my mind (for Poetry Potluck)

There’s a dictator living in my mind
Sometimes I wish he would go blind
Because if he couldn’t see my dreams
He couldn’t plan his nasty schemes
And sabotage my heart’s desire
Oh and he is such a liar
He whispers in my ear
His tales of dread and fear
And when I try to just let go
He really puts on a big show
The bastard hardly ever sleeps
He’s really giving me the creeps
But I am planning his demise
Slowly I’m unmasking all his spies
Worry and doubt are the biggest two
They won’t survive my thorough review
Of states of mind that keep him in post
He can fuck off and find another host!

The next step (for Sunday Scribblings)

I’ve travelled near and far
Tried following my star
I’ve searched in every place
It’s been a hectic chase
Every step has been towards a goal
Maybe now it’s time to take a stroll

With faith I’d like to place my feet
In mid-air
Confident that they will meet
A solid ground
To carry them forth
In any direction
East, south, west or north