Monday, 3 September 2012

Soothe (for Sunday Scribblings)

It is dark in my world
The walls are closing in on me
Painfully I stretch
Until my skin breaks open
I fight my way
Through thick layers of dirt
Try not to get eaten
By the creatures 
Lurking in the dark
Up and up I go
Until finally
I can see the light
There’s the sky
Wide open
I reach towards it
But I can’t quite get there
I am just about to give up
When suddenly 
The sun comes out
Its warmth embraces me
My tired body surrenders
I open up
And blossom
In the most beautiful colours


  1. Each life has its moments and none so rewarding to so many as a flower. What a great poem on one's emergence.

  2. Thank you. Emergence would have actually been a great title for this poem...