Sunday, 12 June 2011

Dictator of my mind (for Poetry Potluck)

There’s a dictator living in my mind
Sometimes I wish he would go blind
Because if he couldn’t see my dreams
He couldn’t plan his nasty schemes
And sabotage my heart’s desire
Oh and he is such a liar
He whispers in my ear
His tales of dread and fear
And when I try to just let go
He really puts on a big show
The bastard hardly ever sleeps
He’s really giving me the creeps
But I am planning his demise
Slowly I’m unmasking all his spies
Worry and doubt are the biggest two
They won’t survive my thorough review
Of states of mind that keep him in post
He can fuck off and find another host!


  1. Word! I like this...creative write.

  2. Awesome! I can relate to this and I am guessing most of us can