Sunday, 12 February 2012

Rest (for Sunday Scribblings)

I’m trying to exorcise
A feverish force
An all-consuming desire
The stuff of hungry ghosts
To gain
To get
To arrive somewhere
The happiness I’m craving
Is never there
But something compels me
To chase the next thing
The temperature is rising
I’m fevering again
I’m a slave to my thoughts
To these flames of desire
Burning up inside
My mind is on fire
I want to stop
Give it up
Let it go
Retreat into stillness
Stop the show


  1. Don't stop the show, all this is what you are supposed to do!

  2. Stop the show if it's only show, and be YOU. Good writing!

  3. I loved it! And don't stop the show - unless you're promising another :)

  4. Perhaps if we found happiness too quickly it would be less enjoyed..beautifully written..and yes always carry on with the show..Jae

  5. We only find what we seek when we quit chasing.

  6. Thanks guys. You are spot on bunny girl! Easier said than done though ;-)

  7. Whoa! Love this piece. I'm torn between wanting to do something and sitting still! That darn schizo tug-o-war.

  8. When you find yourself enslaved, yes, it is time to stop the show or slow it down a bit. I hope that you find some time to rest.

  9. Never stop writing! But DO take a rest now and then.

  10. Don't quit! Keep it rolling, but find some quiet time to refresh and regenerate, too. You can have it all!