Sunday, 21 November 2010

Winter Blues (Inspired by Carry on Tuesday)

I look out of the window
Onto a gloomy day
Windy as my mind
All in disarray
The leaves have fallen
It’s raining cats and dogs
Short days are calling
They’ve turned back the clocks
And I feel so blue
Because I don’t want it to be true


  1. Just remember that spring is just around the corner :-)

  2. alas poor Dani, tiz true but light a fire, drink some wine and spend the winter snuggling with the man you love. I doubt that you'll care what's going on outside.

  3. Ah, but winter also means Christmas and the first snowfall, and a new year!
    In the meantime, keep thinking thoughts of spring! : )

  4. Enjoyable take on the prompt :) Very charming and witty too!!A very good description of a windy day :)

  5. I feel the blue in you,
    your words ring cool...
    lovely entry.

  6. Love what is - I know I love the words that sprang up from you! Brava!

    My shortest Carry on Tuesday poem ever...

  7. Thanks everyone. I do like snuggling up and enjoying the cosyness of this season and also look forward to Christmas with my family but I'm a summer girl who loves warm sunshine. (I was born in June 76, one of the hottest summers ever, so no surprise ;-)

  8. Oh I love the first four lines absolutely. Very well used - the gloomy and windy day

  9. The turbulence in the mind - I feel it. :)

  10. please join our poetry potluck this Monday, have fun!

    awards/treats 4 u