Friday, 28 January 2011

Bucket List (inspired by We Write Poems)

My list is endless I have to admit
Too many things that won’t possibly fit
In the time you can find in just one life
Deciding and choosing a constant strife

One thing has been on that list for a while
And merely the thought of it makes me smile
I feel happy and blissful imagining it
But it also scares me – just a little bit

With that joyful passion and a pinch of fear
It’s something I’ve been holding very dear
And close to my heart since being a child:
Oh how I wish to spend time in the wild!

Surrounded by jungles lush and green
Exploring places where no one has been
Hearing the sound of strange creatures at night
The beauty of nature the only sight

I’d like to live with an indigenous tribe
And learn to tune into their natural vibe
By living a life very simple and real
All my civilised dis-ease
Might be able to heal


  1. Well, that for sure is some list ;-)

  2. That's a really enviable dream. Lovely poem, too.

  3. Dani quite the list you have here.
    It is a lovely poem.

  4. The older I get, more I forget about that childhood fantasy I had of living in the wild with an indigenous tribe! Love that idea!

  5. Thank you guys for stopping by and commenting. Your feedback is as always really appreciated. I sometimes wonder if I'll ever manage to make this dream a reality but I think at least I've given it some voice here to remind me ;-)