Thursday, 20 January 2011

To be a woman

I’ve always struggled with this
Felt there’s something wrong
With being reduced to your gender
Being told where you belong
Neither emancipated feminist
Nor obedient little thing
I detest both extremes
And I don’t want to cling
To the body I’m born with
In order to decide
Who I am and who I can be
I don’t want to hide
Behind conventions and rules
Restrictions and pressure
I want to live my life
At my own leisure
In the journey of life
Our body’s just the car
Our mind is the driver
And determines who we are


  1. Well said, girl! I love the image of the car and driver, that's clever.

  2. Very true. We defy labels.

  3. car and driver is just great! here's my potluck for this week:

  4. Yes, Dani our minds are the drivers.
    Well put.

  5. Spoken beautifully in verse. Excellent work!

  6. "our body's the cars/our mind is the drives"

    Very true and well said. We determine who we are by our thoughts, our actions and our reactions. But our physical appearance can have an impact on our minds, whether we like it or not.

    Beautiful Poem!

  7. agreed! and I do feel the same, nice piece. Happy potluck!

  8. So so so true! The whole thing has beautiful rhythm and rhyme and the ending is fantastic!!

    My Potluck poem: Greenzilla's Top 5 Green Deeds

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