Monday, 4 July 2011

Old friends (for Poetry Potluck)

We shared our last years in school
And the first years of adulthood
We explored our freedom
What we should or rather would
Our paths then parted
Each off on their own
Following their journey
Either coupled or alone
10 years on
We met last night
Sharing our pain
As well as our delight
Although on different paths
We all came to agree
It takes some hard lessons
To be able to see
What matters in life
And what can be left behind
True friends are certainly
Of the first kind


  1. yes, true friends make life so much better, easier :)
    happy potluck!

  2. that's for sure.
    reflective one...

    well done.

    Happy Potluck!

  3. Lovely and so true!

  4. yes, they certainly are! nice poem with great flow. :)

  5. True friends can be difficult to find. :)