Saturday, 2 July 2011

Little girls (and boys)

I visited a good old friend of mine yesterday and met her 3-year-old daughter for the first time since she was a baby. I was so pleased to see that she has grown into a confident, independent and fearless little girl with the explorative mind of an adventurer. When telling my mum about her later, she told me that I was exactly like that as a little girl: very independent and not scared of anything.
Maybe that’s why I was so fascinated by her, because it was like looking at a younger version of myself.
It made me wonder: What happens to the little girls (and boys) inside of us when we grow up?
Do we lock them up somewhere, force them into obedience, tell them to be a “good girl/boy” or abandon them somewhere on the road?
Or do we let them out to play every now and then, give them our undivided attention and let them lead?
I think that my best experiences in life happened whenever I let my little girl come out to play. It’s her who challenges me to face my fears, to throw myself into unknown territory and to learn new things. She’s the one closest to my heart’s desires, the "real me" and she is ultimately so much wiser and braver than my rational adult self.
I shall let her out to play more often and when she rings at your door, I hope you’re going to let your little girl or boy out to play with her.

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