Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Faith (inspired by Sunday Scribblings)

"Be faithful to that which exists nowhere but in yourself" - Andre Gide

This is one of my favourite quotes. For me it embodies two very strong beliefs I hold:
1) Be true to yourself and follow your heart.
2) Have faith in what can only be found within yourself.

From a mundane point of view, I have faith in myself. I trust that I'm equipped to deal with whatever life throws my way and that when faced with it, I will find a way to cope. Life's to be lived - and that includes everything, the good and the seemingly bad. Experiences happen to us for a reason and there's always an opportunity to grow.
But not only do I believe that I have this ability. I believe, everyone has. They might not have accessed it yet, but the potential is there.

From a more spiritual point of view, I have faith in Buddha Nature. I have faith that the true nature of my own mind and the true nature of everyone else's mind is ultimately perfect - clear and luminous - and that we can reveal this true nature and let it shine to benefit others.

There's nothing to search for outside of us. Have faith in what is inside of you and be faithful to it.
And have some faith in others too. Ultimately they're not separate from what's inside of you.


  1. I agree: what we search for is inside of us. Good reminder to be faithful to ourselves. LOVE the image on your blog. Peaceful and beautiful, and 'faithful'.