Saturday, 9 October 2010

Envision (inspired by Writer's Island)

Call me the queen
Of big dreams and ambitions
I have more ideas
Than you could envision
I’m chasing them fast
Trying to juggle them all
They don’t all last
Some of them fall
By the side
Are abandoned half-way
I can’t do it all
What can I say
Too much for one lifetime
Even for me
Abandoned projects
Is all I can see
When at night I start thinking
Of all things that could be
And realise that really
It’s too much for little me


  1. Very nice play with words - and I'm sure you have plenty of time left to get around to all those ideas!!

  2. I love the last line, well written :o)

  3. I like this poem a lot and can empathize. Keep chasing those ideas and dreams. Who knows where they will lead..but you will have an adventure-filled life!

  4. Oh, it is hard to juggle dreams and ambitions. Hopefully the two will go together in a person's life. Lots to reflect on here.

  5. Abandoned projects? Ask me!
    Please continue to be the queen of big dreams, life’s meaningless without them.

  6. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement :-)

  7. Nicely said, and I don't know a creative individual who wouldn't agree, keep dreaming, it makes life interesting,


  8. I enjoyed that, and sympathised with the abandoned projects: known as UFOs to a quilter (unfinished objects). And there's never enough time...

  9. Sometimes we have to let go of a dream in order to accomplish something even bigger! Keep on dreaming!

  10. Sadly, I really relate to this!

  11. LOL. I love the UFO idea, Vivienne. There's loads of them flying around here :-)
    Thanks for your comments. Weirdly comforting to know that others suffer from the same ;-)

  12. I would be more than happy to call you the Queen. Love and Light, Sender