Friday, 10 December 2010


I don’t think it’s my role
To tell you what you want to hear
To agree with everything you do
To cheer you on
When I see you aiming for disaster
Most people wouldn’t take the risk
To offend you
By telling you the truth
They wouldn’t challenge you
Like I do
I understand
That sometimes
It’s about just being there
To pick up the pieces
But other times
I would like to stop you
From going to pieces
In the first place


  1. Dani,
    I love this, I love the time piece thoughts I have when I read it!

  2. Dear Dani,
    Everyone needs someone like that! Thank you for being honest in your writing! It's lovely.

  3. Thank you both. I wrote this to a very good, long-time friend of mine who often puts me on this edge between telling her what she needs to hear and being supportive in letting her make her own mistakes. I gave it to her so she could understand where I'm coming from when I seem to poo-poo all over her amorous endeavours.

  4. if only we could save others from going to pieces....beautiful write :)


  5. If only we could actually tell our girlfriends this!
    its hard being a girl...

  6. I totally agree...prevent the fires rather than try to put them out later.
    Stay Righteous!

  7. a good friend will tell the truth..they may not listen but you don't need to drive a stake in the ground..just need to say "I love you, but...
    nice can advise me anytime and I won't get upset.

  8. a friend with these qualities is more precious than gold

  9. And you have only confirmed for me what my own writing has been leading me toward for some time now. Thank you for that and for this really good write,


  10. A very honest piece - tender but truthful..I particularly like the last line..wouldn't it be better if it always happened in that order? Jae

  11. Ah, that's a real friend. Well put!