Saturday, 4 December 2010

The quest (inspired by Writer's Island)

Life seems at times
Like a never-ending quest
An adventure filled chase
After a treasure chest
But every time we get where
The treasure’s meant to be
We just find another map
That guides our destiny
There’s never fulfilment
To be found in that chest
Only fuel for more hunting
And I start to detest
Do you think I am stupid
Or are you taking the mick
I quit this stupid game
It’s making me sick
Instead I will happily
Start to enjoy
Dolce far niente
Oh what a joy!


  1. I like the transition throughout the poem from hyper-active-searching to letting it all hang out.

  2. How fun! Makes me think of the search on National Treasure...

  3. So true. Whenever one thinks one has found what one was looking for, there is yet a new quest on the horizon. Nicely written!

  4. The act of seeking, searching, is a validation of life itself. I really like your poem and how it wends its way toward that treasure chest of acceptance,


  5. Excellent advice! Life really is like that, when they keep moving the goalposts.